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Edited dossier for the
Revista de Estudios Hispánicos

Cover page of journal Revista de Estudios Hispánicos

"For centuries, Central America has been thought and read in relation to the particular geography of the region. This dossier, titled Passages: Routes of Migration and Memory in Central American Literature, takes up this spatial tradition in an effort to introduce a broader non-Central Americanist audience to it, and at the same time to expand it by thinking about Central American literature within the dynamic of passages. A place of transit, the small region has been an important imagined, realized, and frustrated space for flows of people, goods, and ideas. This dossier analyzes Central America as a dynamic space, a built environment, constantly created, reimagined, expanded, and constructed through passages—literary and otherwise. Passages, transits, and routes lie at the heart of the Central American experience, the conceptualization of the region, as well as its literature."

Passages: Routes of Migration and Memory in Central American Literature

“Passages, Transits, Flows: Thinking Central American Literature Across Space, Time, and Capital” (introduction), Sophie Esch

“Noir Geographies in Chronicles of Central Americans Crossing Mexico: Los migrantes que no importan by Óscar Martínez” by Alicia Miklos

“El tránsito como estrategia de vida y de literatura: El proyecto literario transnacional en resistencia de los intelectuales afrocaribeños Eric Walrond, Claude McKay y Samuel Nation” by Valeria Grinberg Pla

“The Spectacle of Peace and the Politics of Memory in Postwar El Salvador: On Miguel Huezo Mixco’s La casa de Moravia,” Nanci Buiza

“Cartographies of Justice and Rights in Ronald Flores's Último Silencio,” Vinodh Venkatesh

“Las ínsulas extrañas de Ernesto Cardenal: dinámicas de comercialización, purificación e institucionalización en el proyecto de Solentiname,” Leonel Delgado

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